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I think that one person may have been me. But I actually never heard anything from you. Anyway, I think Lynn is your guy for sure.

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I sent the below email in October, and only heard back from 1 person who indicated they were interested. I haven't heard back from that person again, so I thought I'd reach out to the group again, in case any of you were interested in this.

On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 1:03 PM, David White <dwrudy at gmail.com> wrote:

Obviously my email question to the list yesterday about hardware recommendations for a quiet, small, reliable syslogging machine was really popular. </sarcasm> On the flip side, I'm looking at some embedded PCs with SSDs right now, and will probably settle on one soon.

Now for the point of this email...
I am looking for someone who could possibly be on hand on an as-needed basis to monitor some CentOS servers and keep them running if something were to happen (rarely: think - only when I'm travelling, deathly sick, or get run over by a bus).

I'd like this person to be local (hence I'm emailing the local Linux user's group), and I'd like to meet with this person before hand. An NDA is required (as we're dealing with clients' information), and trust worthiness is an absolute must.

Requirements:Experience in CentOS CLI with specific experience configuring and maintaining LAMP stack environments, including (specifically):Sign an NDA & noncompete (you won't steal my clients - of course you're welcome to work in the industry on your own stuff... just don't steal my clients)

Postfix + Amavisd-new + Doevecot ApachePHPMySQLBINDSome knowledge and common sense in server & private-key securityThe following experience is preferable:

Drupal + DrushIncluding installing, configuring, and updating Drupal core as well as contributed modulesWordpressSSL certificatesCSF (A firewall platform I like to use)

It goes without saying that SSH / CLI experience is necessary. Now obviously many of you possess these skills. I realize that. I'm not looking for the Einstein in server administration. I'm just looking for a reliable person I could contact (and put my clients in touch with) in case I'm sick, travelling, etc... 

Duties would include:Monitoring the servers (I use Nagios for alerts, and soon, will likely be added a 2nd Nagios server for distributed monitoring). Responding to problems (which occur rarely)

Keeping all information you are provided completely safe and confidentialCleaning up the mess if the unthinkable happens (I die or get deathly ill) Yeah, this is a morbid thought. I don't plan on dying any time soon. But I care about my clients, and want to make sure there's good contingency plans in place in case I disappear of the face of this planet.

Email me your resumes and references if you're interested. Again, this wouldn't be a lot of work ... it would just be on an as-needed basis. And if I call you up, and you're not available for weekend X, then no big deal - I'll find someone else... I just want a good team in place.

- David White -Smooth Stone Services (soon to be CENTS)
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Existing Website: http://www.smoothstoneservices.com

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- David White -Smooth Stone Services (soon to be CENTS)Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting 
Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide

Existing Website: http://www.smoothstoneservices.comNew Website (coming soon): http://developCENTS.com

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