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Dedication to a single cause at the expense of everything else in life can be looked at in a number of ways. It just depends on how you as an individual see his ideals and the method he goes about trying to achieve his goals.

One thing that and I can't wrap my head is around him being anti-children because of their impact on the environment?! wtf man… If you just don't want children, that's one thing.. But there is no possible way to calculate an individual's impact on the environment.. Though I have to admit it does comfort me a little that he's choosing to let his lineage die with him. Maybe we should direct him to http://www.vhemt.org/ to seal the deal.. (Voluntary Human Extinction Movement for those who are unaware)   I wonder if they use only free software. hmmmm….


On Dec 13, 2012, at 3:11 PM, Rod-Lists wrote:

> no just dedicated to his cause.
> ----- Chad Smith <chad78 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I was thinking more along the lines of a villain to some bizarro-world
>> version of Captain Planet. Where instead of Captain Planet promoting
>> Environmentalism, it was Captain Free Market promoting Libertarianism.
>> Dick Stallman would be one of the over-the-top cartoon
>> Marxist Fascist villain who would fit in perfectly in that universe.
>> Spewing 1984 double-speak promoting of "Freedom" whilst forcing everyone to
>> obey the almighty GPL 3.0 (which is preparing the way for the GPL 4.0 -
>> "Thou shalt do all thy programming for free, and allow everyone to have
>> access to everything you've ever created on demand and at no cost in
>> whatever format they desire.")
>> Here, he's just crazy.
>> *- Chad W. Smith*

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