[Chugalug] Richard Stallman and open source

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Since we're talking about Stallman...


On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 4:19 PM,  <bilhays at me.com> wrote:
> Given the discussion which I quite enjoyed, you all might find this interesting:
> http://www.softpanorama.org/People/Stallman/failure_with_hurd.shtml
> Especially in conjunction with the infamous debate between Torvalds and Tannenbaum.
> As well as this:
> http://edward.oconnor.cx/2005/04/rms
> I tend to think that he's just not able understand other people's emotions, but I think he does have a point in the most of what most users think of as linux is really Gnu. But pride and stubbornness are clearly issues with him.
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