[Chugalug] Linux removes support for 386

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Thu Dec 13 07:19:06 UTC 2012

> The RAD750, which is just a rad-hardened PowerPC 750, is used in the Curiosity rover that landed on Mars back in August. It has two of them with one acting as a backup. They
> cost about $200,000 each.

Pretty cheap for a custom chip of that magnitude. I know that -ONE- of the 
factors is the runs and gateways inside the chip have to be much larger, 
to delay the inevitible cosmic rays degrading them. This affects the 
ability to run at higher speeds. Ram, and everything else has the same 

All of a sudden, programming everything in assembly and C becomes 
important, no room to run Ruby on Rails.. (sarcasm).

If you do have a 386 based system (embedded or other), the good news is 
that it has plenty of operating system choices. Just not the latest Linux 
one.. (unless you roll your own.. still an option). No loss for the Linux 
world.. it's time to move on.

Channelling the future: 
When will the bio-wetware interface driver for my cubic photon processor 
array be bug free? I still see the occaisional glitch (Deja Vu style)
when using the two-way full sensory mode of YouPorn. If only they would 
drop all that crap code for backwards compatibility to silicon based
octo-processor chips and beowulf clusters....

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