[Chugalug] Linux removes support for 386

Chad Smith chad78 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 06:18:52 UTC 2012

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 11:37 PM, Dave Brockman <dave at brockmans.com> wrote:
> 1) Lots of embedded devices aren't being upgraded, and if they are,
> they damn sure aren't being upgraded to the latest anything

That's what I said.

I am not sure, but I think we are in agreement.  Anyone still using a 386
isn't worried about being up-to-date.  So who cares about the latest
version of Linux lacking 386 support?

That would be like "Shocking News - your 1908 Model T will NOT run on the
latest unleaded/Ethanol hybrid fuel."

Which, of course, is actually not true, since a Model T would run on pretty
anything that was liquid and burned.  But my point is - if you are a Model
T enthusiast - or if NASA needed Model Ts to haul their rockets out to the
launchpad for some reason involving cosmic rays, it still would not effect
the use of the latest fuel in the slightest by anyone who is worried about
buying the latest fuel.  Because they aren't driving a Model T.

Nor would it affect Model T users because they are used to having to find
sources for rare parts and whatnot, because they are Model T enthusiasts,
and people who cling to old crap cling to it because it is old, and not
everyone could make a Model T run - you have to baby it, or manhandle it,
or both somehow - you have to take the time to make it work, to get to know
it, to find the parts and know where they go....  The challenge is part of
the appeal.

If I could walk into any Best Buy and get a fully loaded PC Jr. brand new
in the box - it wouldn't be a collector's item.  If every Walmart had
Newtons on sale, would anyone buy them?  Even those people who search for
them in working condition now?

it's not just about holding onto the past - it's about putting forth effort
into holding onto the past.

Now, those people who "need" 386s - for space stations or defense systems
or whatever - they are not relying on Linus Torvald to keep them running.
 At least I pray they aren't.  Or stuff might just start falling from the
sky, since he has let them down.

*- Chad W. Smith*
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