[Chugalug] Linux removes support for 386

Dave Brockman dave at brockmans.com
Thu Dec 13 05:37:45 UTC 2012

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>> But I'm hoping that NASA isn't using a vanilla Linux kernel for
>> its work, and if it is, they don't have to upgrade to the latest
>> version.
>> Only machines that are being upgraded to the latest kernel will
>> be affected, and if you haven't changed the processor in 28 - 5
>> years, you probably aren't that big on being "up-to-date" on
>> things...

<Sorry for lack of attrition, got zealous with my snipping, but I
believe the above is all Chad>

1) Lots of embedded devices aren't being upgraded, and if they are,
they damn sure aren't being upgraded to the latest anything

2) The last kernel release that is actually 386 stable was released
sometime last year.  And that was again 2.4 train.  You know anyone
shipping 2.4 kernels still, let alone as default?

Not all "computers" are obvious.  They aren't all designed with a 2
year obsolescence.  If Fab stopped in 2007, most "new" units were sold
by 2008, I hope they are starting to become a non-factor by 2018 or so.



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