[Chugalug] Richard Stallman and open source

James Nylen jnylen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 11:59:08 UTC 2012

The part that got me was:

"When he started going on about freedom, I thought he was role-playing, and
so I played along. Since then, we’ve been inseparable."

I think RMS is absolutely right that free (as in speech) software is
important to preserving our freedoms, and will only become more so in the

Is he an asshole?  Sure.  But I don't think he's wrong.  I also think
someone with a less abrasive personality and less radical views would have
failed in a lot of the places he has succeeded.
On Dec 11, 2012 2:22 PM, "Bret McHone" <dbmchone at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yeah, I noticed the date, but was hoping to just add a bit of levity to
> the thread :)
> Just the thought of Stallman playing WoW and preaching about Free Software
> to players is hilarious to me.
> -B
> On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 2:06 PM, Dave Brockman <dave at brockmans.com> wrote:
>> Please
>> >
>> pay attention to publication date...
>> But yes, was actually funny as hell :)
>> - --dtb
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