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> No - because he is a raving lunatic.
> You can have all the opinions-that-I-don't-agree-with that you want,
> but when you show up, uninvited, to someone else's project and start
> making demands that people bow to your opinion because of something
> you helped do 30 years ago, then you are a crazy person.

And that never happens around here.

> I believe someone else would have written the software eventually. I
> mean look at all the not-written-by-Dick software there is now.

 But he was first. so he gets the

> The idea that someone else would have done it pretty much the same
> way at the same general time actually has real-world evidence of
> happening. The telephone is a pretty obvious and probably overused
> example. Bell just beat some other dude to the patent office by a
> couple of days.
So Oppenheimer was just lucky?
> But, yes, Linus Torvald, specifically, had all the motivation he
> needed to write those apps himself, or to inspire people around him
> to help write them, whatever.

Translation: I'll bet those grapes are sour.

> Regardless of if anyone else would have ever done what Dick did or
> not is irrelevant. Having a good idea once in your life, or doing
> something cool and helpful once in your life doesn't mean you are
> above question nor that your opinions are more correct or important
> than anyone else's. If I saved a basket of kittens from drowning
> back in 1987 that wouldn't mean you should put me in charge of your
> company's finances in 2012 - even if you make floating kitten
> baskets.

Your argument is a nonsequitur. Stallman's whole argument is about how we use software and how that use impacts society.
You fail to debate his points. Simply labeling him crazy doesn't dismiss his views.
Your issue sees to be his tone not his views.

> - Chad W. Smith
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> Just because he holds an opinion you don't agree with?
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