[Chugalug] Android tablets

John Aldrich mrmaxx at spamcop.net
Wed Dec 5 10:21:32 UTC 2012

On Wed December 5 2012 9:58:04 AM Mike Harrison wrote:
> My Asus transformer prime has become a goto device for skype, SIP/Voip
> calls, and gtalk. It's a great PDF viewer and doc/email reader when using
> my laptop.. Nice extra screen. The attached keyboard gives it some insane
> battery life, makes a nice stand, and allows me to use it as a laptop for
> SSHing and some other things.
> Complaints: Everyone that plays with it her in S. Africa threatens to
> steal it from me. The stores here (which are nice) are about a year behind
> the US in models..
> We've compared it to some of the cheap chinese junk a few of the other
> dev's here are playing with... it's in a different class. Fantastic
> screen, bright enough to use outdoors.
> Every iPad and tablet I see except these has some funky plastic cover on
> them with or without a rubber keyboard. My Asus has a great fitting screen
> cover with keyboard, extra battery life, USB and SD slots.. and closed up
> it is fairly idiot proof.
> My only design/hwardware complaint: If I could flip the screen around
> and close it, to hold the keyboard underneath better as a tablet, it would
> be awesome. Sometimes, in tablet mode, I need a place to stash the
> keyboard.
> Android complaints: I've spent a few bucks on apps and games,
> The few apps I have purchased have been worth the couple of bucks..
> World of Goo is wonderful, the rest, honestly, so far, suck.
> They are revenue creation engines with a pavlovian spend more money hook,
> not games.
I have to say that getting a tablet with a keyboard would be nice. That being 
said, there *are* bluetooth keyboards out there designed for tablets, so I 
guess as long as I got something that has bluetooth built-in, I should be good 
on that end (yeah... SSH without a real keyboard sucks! :D)

I'm mainly going to use my tablet the way I am my current one - mainly light 
web browsing, some mobile maps, a few apps (Kroger, Untappd, Facebook, etc) 
which either work poorly (Facebook) or don't work at all (Kroger, Untappd -- 
crashes frequently, I think due to old Android version, Pocket Frogs - no 
longer works.)

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