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Minecraft Server

From: Jonathan Calloway 
Is anyone running Minecraft server on Linux?  Does it work well in a vm?

What is the best tutorial?

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Chattanooga cybersecurity job opportunities

From: Know Juan 
My company is currently recruiting for a few full time cybersecurity
positions that are open in my group.

Competitive compensation and pretty solid benefits.

If you're interested, or know anyone who might be - please contact me off
list for full details.

OT: Looking to relocate to Florida

From: John Aldrich 
Anyone know of any decent jobs for a "Geek of All Trades"? I'm looking
to possibly relocate to Florida in the next few months. My lady friend
is originally from Cleremont and wants to go back. I'd just as soon go
with her... don't have anything really holding me here except the house
and the job. If I had another job I could deal with the house. :)

  John Aldrich

Off Topic - Properties for rent?

From: John Dills 

I'm looking to move out of my current apartment and into a new one (Friend
got a better job so we're house hunting.)

I'm looking for a 2 bedroom apartment or house for rent. Needs to be $850
or less a month and allow pets.  If anyone here has any properties or knows
of anyone that's renting, please let me know. You can either reply to the
thread or just directly email me.

Thanks again!

John Dills

Tor users targetted in Scotus rule change

From: Rod-Lists 
"The Supreme Court on Thursday approved changes that would make it easier for the FBI to hack into computers, many of them belonging to victims of cybercrime. The changes, which will take immediate effect in December unless Congress adopts competing legislation, would allow the FBI go hunting for anyone browsing the Internet anonymously in the U.S. with a single warrant. Previously, under the federal rules on criminal procedures, a magistrate judge couldn't approve a warrant request to search a computer remotely if the investigator didn't know where the computer was -- because it might be outside his or her jurisdiction. The rule change would allow a magistrate judge to issue a warrant to search or seize an electronic device if the target is using anonymity software like Tor."