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virtio and pfsense

From: Matt Keys 
Just a time and hair saving FYI - I found that if you're running a pfsense =
guest in kvm and using virtio drivers, you should probably disable system -=
> advanced -> networking -> "Hardware Checksum Offloading" (enabled by defa=
ult). For me the manifestation was that ping checks looks ok but when you g=
o to do anything else (ssh, wget, curl) it caused timeouts.

Red Hat Developer Subscription - free for all!

From: "Alex Smith (K4RNT)" 

Free subscription to Red Hat for RHEL, and all developer tools. Sign up and
get set up with Red Hat Enterprise Linux!

I do not work for Red Hat. I only wish I did.

" 'With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the
first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all
irrevocably.' Those words were uttered by Judge Aaron Satie as wisdom and
warning... The first time any man's freedom is trodden on, we=E2=80=99re al=
damaged." - Jean-Luc Picard, quoting Judge Aaron Satie, Star Trek: TNG
episode "The Drumhead"
- Alex Smith
- Kent, Washington (metropolitan Seattle area)

Android's seamless update

From: Michael Scholten 

While I kind of wish my Nexus 5X would get the Android N dual system
partitions for seamless updates I agree with some of the commenters. That
would require giving up some of the valuable storage space. In the case of
many phones the OS already takes up so much of the storage, giving up more
just to make updates easier would not be worth it.

Anyone at BSides Knoxville?

From: Bret McHone 
The subject says it all. Is anyone here at the BSides Knoxville cyber
security conference?


OT - Geeky coworking space

From: David White 
Mike and I have corresponded a little bit over the past day, and we
actually randomly ran into each other this evening at a networking event
(not literally). He knows what I'm about to say.

I'm (possibly) looking for 2 desks. Not a private office, that's too
expensive right now. A coworking space, where I would have my own desks - 1
for me, 1 for an employee - would be just the ticket.

Downtown isn't really a good option for me, due to the nature of my
business (going in and out a lot, travelling to client offices, carrying
computers / networking / server equipment in and out all the time, etc...).
Also, Society of Work seems expensive. So that's not one I'm willing to

I've posted a part-time (to turn into a full time) job position at, which will give you an idea of what the 2nd
person would be doing.

Besides Mike's place near Signal Mountain, anyone have an office space, or
know of someone who does, that would be an idea fit for what I'm looking

Must haves are phone, internet, and desk.

Access to a private meeting room is a bonus!
David White
Founder & CEO


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