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Commercial Desktop PCs as linux boxes

From: John Aldrich 
So, I"m browsing around on Woot and they have an HP ENVY 700-216
Desktop, quad-core AMD with 12 Gigs of RAM and a 2 Tb hard drive for
$440 (plus shipping, I assume.) My current linux box is a bit old and
not doing so well. Probably just a lack of RAM, but I'm maxed out on my
current motherboard. Now, I could just buy a new mobo/cpu/RAM combo, and
plug it in or I could just bite the bullet and buy a pre-built
commercial PC and just go the easy route. How well would something like
that run Linux, do you think?

  John Aldrich

ap's for the masses

From: michael pearson 
I was thinking about using some ubiquity uap-ac In a office anybody have
anything on these?

VPN on EPB Network

From: asg 
I=E2=80=99ve got an EdgeRouter Lite running on EPB home network. I=E2=80=99=
ve configured the router for an L2TP VPN according to Ubiquiti=E2=80=99s =
site but I can=E2=80=99t make a connection. An nmap scan against the =
router shows no response from the router on UDP ports 4500, 500, and =
1701. Does EPB block inbound access on the home network?


Stephen Haywood
Owner: ASG Consulting

Google Fiber is coming to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham

From: Rod-Lists 
4 Regional Cities will get Google fiber


GLIBC Vuln GHOST Vulnerability # CVE-2015-0235

From: Mike Harrison 



Another fun one. Hits a lot of systems and affects multiple programs. 

"During a code audit performed internally at Qualys, we discovered a
buffer overflow in the