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NexTBSD? Apple & NextStep guys build their own BSD

From: Rod-Lists 


Systemd Absorbs "su" Command Functionality

From: Rod-Lists 
 Lennart Poettering is getting on my last nerve.

"With a pull request systemd now supports a su command functional and can create privileged sessions that are fully isolated from the original session. The su command is seen as bad because what it is supposed to do is ambiguous. On one hand it's supposed to open a new session and change a number of execution context parameters, and on the other it's supposed to inherit a lot concepts from the originating session. Lennart Poettering's long story short: "`su` is really a broken concept. It will given you kind of a shell, and it's fine to use it for that, but it's not a full login, and shouldn't be mistaken for one." The replacement command provided by systemd is machinectl shell."

Surgery done

From: Dee Holtsclaw 
I'm back home and recovering. Seems like it's taken care of at least 95%
of the problem if not all. Will have to get over the surgical pain, but
the agony down my leg and the middle of my back seems to be gone. Yay!

Dell Minis for Sale

From: "Daniel L. Appleget" 
I have 3 Dell "mini"'s that I would like to sell. These beasts have the 
elite Z520 Intel Atom processor.
Make me a offer, take them from me at Mike's house. Details these do not 
seem to have a hard drive but do post.

AKA Inspiron 1210

Daniel Appleget
Chattanooga Computer Service

Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito

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Friday Night Open House Party:

From: Mike Harrison 
Looks like the weather is going to be awesome this Friday night. come =
join us!

Questions we have been asked:

Q: Can my 12 year old geeky son/daughter attend?

A: Yes.

Q: Smoking?

A: Outside

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: Yes.

Q: I don't know actually know anyone.. should I come?

A: Absolutely. Official agenda, on page 17:  meet new people!

Q: Attire?

A: Clothes are recommended. Costumes and/Cosplay would be awesome.


Thou art invited to an evening of comradeship, communion and cavorting =
the name of $