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From: Aaron welch 
Do any of you have any suggestions for forum code?  Our major needs are:

Single signon
Customizable CSS

We have worked with several over the past few months, but I was wondering
if any of you had experience in this space.


Aaron Welch
Chief Mechanic @ Geek Ventures
"Enabling people to do great things with their own ideas."

Stoked about new Dropbox Pro features

From: Andrew Rodgers 

I was always pissed you had to pay for dropbox for teams to get this...
Looks like they've moved most of the teams/business features to the pro

Andrew Rodgers


From: Joseph Simoneau 
If anyone else is going, drop me a line. I'll be there pretty much the
whole time, though I can't guarantee sobriety.

Also, if anyone is interested...in addition to the normal eff stuff that
might be interesting, Chad Ramey from GT is giving a talk about building
your own particle accelerator. I've known the guy for a while (met him at
dcon a couple years ago when he was loading his nuclear reactor into his
car) and seen a talk or two at outerzone and a few other places. It's worth
going to if you have any interest in such things.

Also, no, none of this email has been a joke.


OT: Server for sale

From: Mark Quering 
Hey all

I am in the process of moving my office and would like to avoid moving some
items I am no longer using. I have the following working server for sale.
First $250 cash takes it. Feel free to contact me at this email address if
you are interested.

HP Proliant DL380G5 2U rack, dual PSU, 8 - 2.5" hot swap bays with 2 - 72GB
10K SAS drives included, 8GB RAM, 2 - Intel=C2=AE Xeon=C2=AE E5430 processo=
rs, Smart
Array P400 RAID controller w/512MB and BBU.


Mark Quering

simply reliable technology

Fwd: [PhreakNIC] CTF

From: Jon Nyx 

PS - "Keith" is this guy:

Keith Watson
Information Security Manager, College of Computing
Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA

Part of his day job is taking large botnets away from organized crime
outfits, studying them, and then disassembling them. We're very lucky
to have him helping with our con.

Dru Myers
Nashville2600 President, PhreakNIC founder and con chair, 1997-2001 & 2014

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Keith
Date: Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 8:48 AM
Subject: [PhreakNIC] CTF
To: phreaknic@googlegroups.com

I've talked to GTRI (the people who put on the Hungry Hungry Hackers
CTF) and it looks like a go. I will have more info in the next week or

H3 was this last weekend, it went great (8/22 & 8/23)

We noticed at past events that people would leave the CTF after only a
few hours. We asked around and found that people want to compete but
are overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

This year we had two tracks, competition and educational. The
educational track had multiple speakers that did walk-throughs of
tools and how to solve some basic challenges. It went very well and
after the end of the educational track a bunch of them joined the

The CTF is Jeopardy style with about 60 challenges. In addition we had
ten stations setup with a FPGA hardware flags and a car hacking
station setup with CAN buss flags.

Craig Smith of TheiaLabs set up the car hacking station and was on
hand for the entire event. It was a combination CAN buss/WiFi hack.
Craid was alos handing out copies of the Car hacker's Handbook. You
can download the PDF here:


A lock picking challenge was also part of the CTF.

Once we do our post CTF debrief we'll start solidifying the PhreakNIC CTF.

Let me know of anything you would like to see in the CTF.


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