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Colocation options

From: Garrett Gaston 
I'm trying to backup my home directory and my media server's movie/show
collection so I've purchased a raspberry pi 2 + a 5 TB HDD to store my
backups. Does anyone know any decently priced colocation options for
storing my backup server? I don't want to store my server in house because
I've already lived through one has burning down when I was young so I don't
consider an in house backup to be a backup at all. Thanks.

Bad fstab, can't log in

From: Garrett Gaston 
I just had to reinstall my debian media server but I've somehow messed up
my fstab file and now the server hangs up when it starting trying to mount
that drive and I can't log in. I've tried the Ctrl-D for continue which is
on the screen but that hasn't helped. I've also tried to change the kernel
parameters by editing the grub menu. I first added 'single' to the
parameter list but nothing changed there. I then tried to add 'rw
init=/bin/bash', that time it appeared to log itself into root as I see
'root@(none):/#' on the screen but I can't type anything. Any ideas on how
I can get out of this predicament? Thanks.

Fwd: Atlanta OpenStack Meetup next week

From: Billy 
Hey guys!

I'm not able to go, as I'll be out of town. However, I urge you all that are=
 able to make this event. Not only is the technology they'll be going over i=
s cool, but Michael is one of the smartest guys I know. Those that know me, a=
lso know that's not a title I throw around haphazardly.

I've been to a few of these, and when we get a partner vendor to talk, it's r=
ather informative.

Get drinks!
Get food!

> From: Michael Solberg
> Subject: Atlanta OpenStack Meetup next week
> Hi team.
> I'm trying to drive attendance for next week's OpenStack meetup.
> It's Ansible night and we've got someone from HP who's going to talk about=
 how they're using Ansible to deploy OpenStack and I'm planning on talking a=
 bit about using Tower to deploy workloads onto OpenStack as well.  We're me=
eting at Ormsby's in West Midtown this month instead of at Manuel's, like no=
> Here's the link for the event - it's Thursday night next week:
> Thanks.
> Michael.
> --=20
> Michael Solberg
> Chief Field Architect, Red Hat, Inc.

VDSL modems

From: John Aldrich 
Anyone know of a good "generic" VDSL modem that isn't outrageously
expensive?  Looking at Amazon, I see prices from about $75 to about $250
and all are bonded DSL modems.

  John Aldrich

UTC SimCenter Linux / HPC Job Opening

From: "Kite, Mike" 
Friends, this seems like a pretty groovy Linux gig to me in case anyone is interested.